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Instagram video downloader

By using IGMate Instagram downloader! You can save Instagram videos with just one click. You may utilize our Instagram video downloader for various purposes, such as saving videos from Instagram for offline viewing, archiving content, and reposting videos or sharing on other platforms.

Instagram photo downloader

You can save or download Instagram photos or collage to your phone or pc using our IGMate Instagram downloader. You can save a copy of the images they come across on the platform because Instagram itself does not provide a built-in ability to download photos directly from the app.


Instagram reels downloader

IGMate Instagram reels downloader is an application or service that enables you to download Instagram reels to your phone and laptop. Instagram reels is a feature on Instagram that allows you to create and discover short (typically 15 to 30 seconds along), entertaining videos. You can record and edit multiple clips, add music and text to make engaging and fun short videos.

Instagram story downloader

IGMate Instagram story downloader is a tool or application to downloader Instagram stories, which are temporary photos and videos shared by users on the platform. Instagram stories typically disappear after 24 hours, but during that time, you can save or share the content.


Instagram story viewer

An Instagram story viewer is a feature, tool, or service that enables you to view the Instagram stories of other Instagram users, Instagram stories are brief posts that normally vanish within 24 hours. They could have interactive features like text, stickers, images, movies, and more.

What is Igmate Instagram Video Downloader?

One of the most widely used social networking sites worldwide is Instagram, and its members adore sharing images and videos with their followers. However, sometimes you come across a post that you want to keep and view offline or share with someone who isn't on Instagram. You can now download Instagram stories, videos, and even images using a tool called an Instagram downloader. It's a fantastic way to save and share your favorite content with others.

Additionally, whether you're a content creator looking to save your work or just an avid Instagram user, a downloader can make your life a lot easier. With an Instagram downloader, you can quickly and easily download any public post from Instagram, without needing to take screenshots or screen recordings. We permit you to download videos, photos, reels, stories in high quality so you may take full advantage of them. So if you want to save, share, or enjoy Instagram content in a hassle-free way, our IGMate Instagram downloader is the perfect solution for you.

Features of IGMate Instagram video Downloader:

  • Download Instagram videos quickly, simply, and safely on your device.
  • No Signup required, IGMate Instagram video downloader is totally free.
  • Just copy and paste the URL of your favourite video, to start download.
  • Download video Instagram in their original and high definition quality.
  • Unlimited downloads, you can download all your favourite Instagram videos.
  • High speed: As of right now, IGMate offers the fastest download speeds.

How it works:

Step: 1

Copy Video Link

Open Instagram on your mobile, laptop, or tab. Select the video you want to download from Instagram, Click the share button, and proceed to the Copy Link option to copy the link of your selected video.

Step: 2

Paste Your Link

Now open in the web browser and paste the copied video link in the Search bar. After pasting the link, our fast and efficient servers will quickly get the video and prepare the download link for you.

Step: 3

Download Options

Igmate helps you to download a single video/image or the whole carousel content through the easy copy-and-paste process. All your videos/pictures will be available to download in less than a second.

Step: 4

Download is Ready

Your favorite Instagram video is ready to download. Click the Download button to download your clip to enjoy and share with your family and friends.

IGmate- Best Instagram downloader web app

Igmate Instagram Downloader is a tool designed to download videos, photos, reels, and stories from Instagram in an easy step-by-step process. This application simplifies saving content from Instagram profiles, allowing users to store their favorite videos for offline viewing or personal collection. We have the tool for you if you want to save it for later or share something with someone else.

With our user-friendly service, you may download and store as many videos, photos, reels, and stories from Instagram as you'd like on your computer or mobile device. Open in your web browser to download content from Instagram; no software needs to be installed. It also supports iPhone, iOS, and Android devices.


An Instagram video downloader is a tool that enables users to store and watch videos they find on Instagram on their device at their convenience.

Using an Instagram video downloader to download videos from the platform is lawful, but you should confirm that the owner of the video has given their consent or that the video is not protected by copyright.

No, you don't have to download an app to download videos from Instagram; there are a number of internet programs that let you do just that.

You must copy the video link from Instagram and paste it into the downloader in order to use an Instagram video downloader. After the video has been extracted, the downloader will give you the choice to download it in the format you want.

No, you cannot use an Instagram video downloader to download private Instagram videos since you need to have access to the video in order to download it.

Yes, using an Instagram video downloader is normally secure, but it's crucial to pick a reliable and trustworthy downloader to prevent installing any dangerous software or viruses.

Yes, you may download Instagram stories in addition to videos using some Instagram video downloaders.

You may download videos in many formats, including MP4, AVI, and MOV, using the majority of Instagram video downloaders.

No, as long as you have the video URL and the video is not private, there is no restriction on how many Instagram videos you can download using an Instagram video downloader.

On any device with internet connectivity and a web browser, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, you may utilize an Instagram video downloader.